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Data is one of your key operational assets

Because of its importance, data migration projects can make companies nervous, especially given the increasing complexity of data integration thanks to the number of file formats, the volume and the requirement to share existing data.

Whether you’re considering adopting a new system, or updating an existing system, we understand how important a precise data migration strategy is. No company wants the uncertainty of huge amounts of downtime, business disruption or worse – the possibility of lost data.

When is Data Migration necessary?

There are lots of reasons why the need for data migration can arise, perhaps you are modernising your legacy system and need the data migrated from the old system over to the new one or you've got a new software application and you want to integrate the data from an older application.

As a business you could have acquired a new subsidiary, or you’re merging and you need data to be moved from many systems on to one or perhaps need to share data between applications.

Data Migration Strategy and Approach

When you need to convert and migrate data, we understand how important a sound data migration strategy and approach is. No company wants any sort of downtime, business disruption or worse – the possibility of lost data.

We have over 30 years experience of migrating data from one system to another, either from legacy systems to new systems or between merged businesses. So we are very experienced in dealing with data in all sorts of formats, shapes and sizes.

So you can be rest assured that any data migration or upgrade work that we undertake you can rely on TCF Software to make sure it all goes smoothly with no hitches.

Our Data Migration Process


We identify all existing relevant data sources, determine the requirements of the new system and how the data will be converted. So this includes existing the existing database which may well be using different technology and understanding how we can convert from one data structure to another.

Extract & Transform Data

In this phase we extract data from the existing database which can also include building custom code to extract the data long with any transformation or cleansing that needs to be applied to the data before it can be transferred to new Database.

Load Data

In this phase we import the cleansed data to the new system, either in one go or phased or in parallel. Quite often it makes sense to move all the more static data first and time the more active transnational data to avoid downtime.

Verify and Go-Live

In this final phase we will run verification software which will determine that all the data has been transferred and is successfully imported into the new Database.
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