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So What Is Web Scraping and Why Do I Need It?

Web scraping is a method of finding and extracting data from websites and databases with the help of various web crawlers, tools such as bots and extensions. It’s a rather futuristic technique: let the robots do the hard, tedious work, while you focus on building strategies and analysing data.

The results of data harvesting prove to be invaluable assistance in the age when you need to be as informed and quick as possible if you want to have a chance in highly competitive modern markets.

Some might assume that spending time and money on website and database scraping is a direction that’s worth taking only if you are well-settled in the market and you want to gather more information on competitors or try new marketing policies. In fact, web scraping is equally or even more helpful for startups, as the advantages of this method may be decisive for development of a new business.

No Software Needed

Web scraping & Data extraction is complicated. Why do you need to buy a web scraping software, and learn the details of how things work? Why don’t you just tell us what you need, and we’ll get you that data.

Advanced Scraping

Traditional webscraping techniques are limited in what they can do. Some sites needs authentication, or somesites use javascript to obfuscate their data. We can also fill up forms when scraping. We use advanced scraping techniques to get the data you want for you.
How We Work in Three Simple Steps
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