We specialise in designing and creating bespoke databases that drive business efficiency and scale your business

How We Can Help You

At the heart of most business software applications, a database will coordinate functionality and store mission critical data.

We can design and create powerful customer database software. Your employees, managers, customers and suppliers will be able to simultaneously access and process live data through intuitive user interfaces.

Whether you’re a blue-chip company that needs a full-featured enterprise database to serve multinational locations and enable multiple users to access and update the data simultaneously, or a local retail business who has expanded and found that spreadsheets and Access databases are now limiting your effectiveness; we can help.

And if you’ve got a database that isn’t performing as it should, either due to poor quality software, an unfinished software project, or the developer you were working with having moved on; we can help to fine-tune it.

Data Migration

Many of the systems we create are re-writes of an existing, legacy system. This usually means data in the old system needs to be “migrated” or moved to the new system. In some cases, the data needs to be synchronised between the old and new systems to ensure a side-by-side system roll-out can occur. In all cases, we have the experience and expertise to manage complex data migration scenarios.

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