When it comes to building Bespoke Business Applications we've got over 30 years experience building mission critical Business Applications in both the commercial and government public sector

Bespoke Business Application Development

When it comes to developing business applications and operational software, we've done it all! Our founders have worked across virtually every industry sector building mission critical systems for the likes of Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank, DHL, ING Investment Management, JP Morgan Chase, Sandvik Mining, NHS, UK Ministry of Defence, Karstadt, Marks and Spencer, DSG International, Budgens, Orange, Ryder Plc, Wincanton, Dairy Crest, AIM Capital Management, Samworth Brothers, Lakeland Dairies, Rock Technology, Bass Pro Stores and Waitrose.

So when it comes to business systems we've literally done it all, so you're in the right place!

Whether you need a system to improve your customer service, increase your business effectiveness, streamline your processes or increase your sales (either through front-end customer experience or back-end effectiveness), we can create intelligent, cost-effective and intuitive business applications to help you.

We can design and build your system and database from the ground up and also help integrate it into any existing systems or data sources. We can also fully host you're system if you'd like us too.

We’ll work with you to understand your business processes and the challenge you’re trying to solve and then suggest the type of app development that would work best for you.

Typical Applications We Can Build

We love a challenge and will take on virtually any software application but typical applications we've built include:

Stock Control Systems

Point-Of-Sale Systems

Logistics Systems

Data Collection Apps

Mobilisation Projects

Finance Systems

HR Systems

Healthcare Systems

What Happens Once Your Application is Completed

We delight in delivering great business applications that deliver great value to our customers. What we don’t want to do is taint that experience with licensing, development or support issues further down the line. That’s why when we develop an application for you, you don’t need to worry:

Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

Once your app is completed, Intellectual Property (IP) Rights are fully transferred to you; there are no license fees to use software we develop for you.

Proprietary Technology

We do not use proprietary technology to develop your app, we only use open technologies. This ensures that everything we do can be maintained in the long-term, as well as being something any good developer can work on without specific proprietary knowledge.

Full Training

We can offer full training either in person or over a webinar/skype and also create video training for you. In general our applications are very intuitive for the user so not a lot/if any training is generally needed, but it’s there if you’d like it.

Managed Hosting Services

We can host your new web-based app if you’d like us to (for an additional cost). We use secure, scalable and lightning fast infrastructure with industry leaders, Fasthosts – it’s a handy service if you’d rather not get involved with installing specialist server hardware. We also work with Amazon’s AWS.
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Just let us know what you need - and lets build it!